SEPTEMBER 12, 13, 14


WVA Chapter 20 was proud to welcome women veterans from across this great nation, to what we believe was a very memorable and productive convention.

We made connections with other women veterans and began the process of developing a network of communication that will enable us to spread our mission to all 50 states and beyond.

Only together, as united women veterans, can we truly facilitate our mission of advocacy for all women veterans and for women currently serving in the military, to ensure that they are treated fairly and on an equal footing with their male counterparts.

Chapter 20 was excited to secure Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris as our Keynote Speaker for the Convention.  As Director of the Center for Women Veterans, Dr. Trowell-Harris is the primary advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on all matters related to policies, legislation, programs, issues, and initiatives affecting women veterans. 

It was uplifting to be able to hear her views on the issues at hand, and to be able to discuss them with her personally.  We feel that with Dr. Trowell-Harris serving as Director, women veterans truly have a voice in DC.   

New National officers were elected to serve WVA for the next two years, and new committees were formed and filled with volunteers.  We feel that the women veterans chosen for all these positions will help guide us and give shape and definition to our future projects and endeavors. 

National Commander Janet Cook -- Nationalcommander@womenveteransofamerica.org


National Vice-Commander Judy Scott -- NationalViceCO@womenveteransofamerica.org


National Adjutant Robin Blanchard -- Nationaladjutant@womenveteransofamerica.org


National Sgt-at-Arms Kathy Bell -- NationalSgtatarms@womenveteransofamerica.org


National Finance Officer Jean Daugherty--NationalFinanceofficer@womenveteransofamerica.org


National Chaplain Shirley Harrison -- Nationalchaplain@womenveteransofamerica.org

It takes all of us to make things happen.  Please get involved in women veterans’ issues in your area.  You can locate a WVA Chapter near you by going to our WVA CHAPTERS page.  If there is not a Chapter close to your home, you can contact our National Commander for information on becoming a Member-at-Large, or about forming a new WVA Chapter. 

National Commander Janet Cook

National Headquarters

P.O. Box 1032

Gilmer, TX  75644

Phone:  903-725-3276